Great food at Osteria del Lago, San Ruffino Lake, Amandola!

Osteria del Lago on the outskirts of Amandola

Recent guests were raving about the food at Osteria del Lago, a great restaurant that sits on the shores of San Ruffino Lake.  They ate antipasto - prosciutto, salami, grilled vegetables, cheeeses; primi - Luciana's hand-made spinach & ricotta ravioli; secondi - main course of saltimbocca with salad and patate al forno (roast potatoes Italian style), followed by panna cotta for dessert. Included in the price of €28 per head were pre-dinner drinks and a very good house wine.   Osteria del Lago is about 5 mins by car from La Mela Rosa or an hour's walk if you want to be ready to eat all that's on offer!  It's open every day for lunch and dinner except Mondays.

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