Vittore CRIVELLI from Venice to Le Marche

Art Exhibition Sarnano 21 May to 6 November, 2011
Art Exhibition Sarnano 21 May to 6 November, 2011

This exhibition, which is to open in Sarnano on 21st May, will present to the public a collection of works by Vittore Crivelli, brother of the better known Carlo, as well as works of other painters and sculptors working in the centre of Le Marche in the second half of the 1400s.

Vittore and Carlo Crivelli, born and formed as artist in Venice, after some years in Dalmatia, transferred to Le Marche. Vittore set up a workshop in Fermo, from which he produced altarpieces and polyptychs that went all over the Fermo and Macerata areas. He worked for both great religious orders and important customers such as the parish churches and small, religious communities.

Vittore, always considered a poor copy of his more famous brother, shows instead an independence and originality in his choice of iconography that differs from Carlo, such as the theme of the adoring Madonna, exhibited in the beautiful painting at Sarnano (Pinacoteca civica). His style maybe less elevated and expressive than that of Carlo, but his technical capacity is exceptional and his works are complete with gold leaf, relief and ornaments. 

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