Beach Volleyball in Amandola

The "beach" in Amandola
The "beach" in Amandola

Last night we went into town with some of our guests to see the "beach volley", as the Amandolese call it.  Since we are 55 kms from the Adriatic Sea and 150 kms from the Mediterranean we were wondering how this was going to work.... However, there in Piazza Risorgimento, was the "beach" (minus the waves) set up by the Comune for the games. The two-a-side women's teams were playing. We sat outside Caffè Belli eating gelato and watched last year's winners from Fermo play Comunanza and Amandola (sponsored by Grand Caffè Belli) play...?? who were those girls in the powder blue tops?? We never did find out.  Lovely way to pass a summer evening! 

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