Montefortino DOES have a restaurant!

Montefortino, home of Ristorante Da Peppa
Montefortino, home of Ristorante Da Peppa

Well, after four years we finally discover that Montefortino (scene of our Waltzing Matilda "triumph") does indeed have a restaurant and an excellent one. Sitauted in the historice centre of that beautiful, 11th century village, family owned and run Da Peppa serves the traditional food of the area and is strongly supported by the local community - always a sign that the food is good. Some recent guests loved the whole experience - from the elderly lady they encountered on the street who lead them to the restaurant to the owner/waiter running from table to table with platters of steaming food to the small girl with her doll peeping from the kitchen to the bill - €60 for four people and more food than they could eat.


Ristorante "Da Peppa", Via Roma 18, Montefortino tel: 0736 859136

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