A new resident at La Mela Rosa

George - the "good" eye,
George - the "good" eye,

This is George, the latest addition to the Mela Rosa household.  He turned up at a house some friends were minding and, not being able to keep him themselves, they brought him to us.  He was full of fleas and ticks, has one pink-rimmed eye and a strange gait but it was love at first sight!  He's cleaned up well and is getting on with Archie and Tim...provided he doesn't go for their food.  Loves affection, in fact, gets a very soppy expression with half-closed eyes when he's stroked.  We won't discuss what else he gets!

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    Jill Crosby (Monday, 03 October 2011 22:32)

    Not only human heaven but clearly dog heaven too....but then we always knew that! Lovely to read your Blog page to catch up on the goings on at beautiful La Mela Rosa.