"Sapori d'Autunno" ("Tastes of Autumn") Montefalcone

Montefalcone at dusk
Montefalcone at dusk

The "Sapori d'Autunno" festival takes place next weekend, 8 & 9  October at Montefalcone Appennino. This 10th century village comes to life for the occasion with the old cellars being opened up and the town being decorated in an autumn theme. Walking through the streets of the village you pass various gastronomic stands offering everything from antipasto to dessert, allowing you to taste the very best delicacies of the local cuisine. The Festival is enlivened by street artists as well as exhibitions of paintings and other creative works. Truffles, cheeses, walnuts, chestnuts, the mela rosa (pink apple), honey etc are all available for purchase. We went last year and it was wonderful to see the village transform as the sun went down and the flames flickered in the ancient metal braziers on the walls.

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