La Mela Rosa's mele cotogne...or quince!

Quinces, quince jam, quince jelly.....
Quinces, quince jam, quince jelly.....

Never having had much experience of quince, I thought we had a special type of fruit tree when I saw the large, furry "apples" on one of our trees. I was told they were "mele cotogne" - words which weren't in my smallish English/Italian dictionary. I later discovered, courtesy of a bigger dictionary, that they were quince. Anyway, mele cotogne or quince, our tree is always full of fruit and I have just finished making lots of pale pink quince jelly and a bucket-load of quince and strawberry jam (I made the mistake of tripling the recipe!). Even though I've given away quite a few kilos, we still have a lot left so now it's time to try making quince paste...

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