Time to harvest the olives

Our olives
Our olives

Well, not here at La Mela Rosa because our trees (all 5 of them) were moved about 2 years ago and are only just starting to bear fruit -about 30 olives all up!.   However, we were happy to add them to our neighbours olives when we went up to help them pick yesterday.  Quite a mix of varieties including frantoia and a local olive that we picked from a 100 year old tree.  We picked all morning then sat down to a delicious lunch.(I ate too much as usual.) Olives should be pressed within 24 hours of being picked so it was bad news for our neighbour when he got a call during lunch to say that owner of the place where he was to have the olives pressed had been gored by a bull and died. Respect for the dead and also an ivnestigation of the accident meant that the press will be shut down for a few days.  Country life is great but it certainly has it's dark side.

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