Amandola's truffles - white and black

White truffles
White truffles

This weekend was the Diamanti a Tavola (Diamonds on the Table) festival in Amandola. The area is known for its white truffles and the festival gives locals and visitors the opportunity to see, smell and maybe buy the very expensive truffles.  We had some guests here from Australia, who grow black truffles from innoculated oaks in NSW. I  arranged for them to meet the president of the Amandola Truffle Association who was very keen to hear about how truffles are marketed in Australia and to share his knowledge of cultivating and pruning innoculated trees. Alberto took us to see his trees which have been planted on the side of a hill looking across to Mount Amandola.  The view was stunning especially with the forests' autumn colours. As the interpreter, I certainly learnt some interesting things about truffles....but I still prefer the chocolate variety.

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