Teatro La Fenice - Amandola not Venice!

The frescoed ceiling of La Fenice, Amandola
The frescoed ceiling of La Fenice, Amandola

Amandola too has a La Fenice Theatre.  It's not quite the size nor is it quite as grand as the one in Venice but it is certainly a "piccolo gioello" (small jewel) as the Italians call it.


In the 16th century, the Assembly Hall in the Palazzo Priorale (in Amandola's historic centre) was used for the first theatrical performances. This continued until the 18th century when the area was modified to include 3 levels of boxes and, in the 19th century, the theatre was decorated in the way we see it today with frescoes on the ceiling and ornate balustrades.


Last night I went with a friend to see "Il Trasporto Umano", a magic show with an excellent illusionist, his side-kick clown and a pianist. Everytime I go, I'm gob-smacked by the beauty of our small La Fenice.

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