Modelling for Tomeo fantasy bags at Ristorante al Chiaro della luna

My  first outfit of the afternoon
My first outfit of the afternoon


Sunday, 28 January 2012 saw the start of my modelling career!  At the behest of Elisabetta Temperini and Tiziana Dioguardi, the creative women of Tomeo fantasy bags, six of us took to the "catwalk" at Ristorante al chiaro della luna at Montottone. Dressed in Elisabetta's vintage fashions abd carrying Tomeo bags, we walked out to some vintage Italian music.  Instructions were to look straight ahead and not to smile but it was a bit hard to comply when Rob started clapping and friends called out "Brava, Pauline"!  

It was a very successful afternoon with lots of people turning up despite the rain.  I'm now just waiting on the calls from Valentino and Dolce & Gabanna.....

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