Pete Cooper and La Macina at San Ruffino Abbey, Amandola

Gastone Pietrucci of La Macina
Gastone Pietrucci of La Macina

Saturday was the final of the two evenings of "Sharing" at San Ruffino Abbey. We expected it to be a good night but it was a FANTASTIC one! Pete Cooper and Sue Lee alternated with the Marchigiani folk group, La Macina, each playing/singing 6  pieces before handing over to the others. The two types of folk music were very different but complimented each other. The Italian music was very emotional and from the heart. The English music was very traditional and had it's basis in life in English, Scottish & Irish villages. The finale was Pete Cooper on his fiddle joining La Macina for a traditional Marchigiano stornello....very impressive as they had only just met that evening!!

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