Nocino time at La Mela Rosa!

Stage 1 of my Nocino
Stage 1 of my Nocino

Today is the feast of St John the Baptist and the day to make the walnut liqueur, Nocino. Unlike last year, I was scrabbling about to find 30 walnuts although we have about 20 walnut trees. (I'm told it is due to the severe frost we had a Easter when the trees were in flower). However, I finally found enough and the Nocino is now sitting in the pantry where it will stay for 40 days being turned from time to time. I'll then drain off the liquid, filter it through some muslin and bottle it.


Personally, I thought my batch last year tasted like cough medicine but Rob liked it as did some guests...or perhaps the latter were just being polite. Anyway, it's satisfying to do and, if I can stop Rob drinking it before the required period of maturation, this year's batch might be better.

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