More trumpet blowing at La Mela Rosa B&B!

The surrounding countryside
The surrounding countryside

Sorry, we are blowing our own trumpet again but here's the opening paragraph of what some lovely Melbourne guests had to say about La Mela Rosa on tripadvisor:


'La Mela Rosa' and the magical setting of the Le March countryside gave us the most memorable experience we have had in our travels to Italy. Being older and driving through Italy we have had some challenging moments, but from the moment we arrived we knew the time here would be wonderful! An impeccably restored farmhouse, La Mela Rosa boasts spacious rooms that have been tastefully decorated to evoke a sense of the luxurious whilst maintaining the feeling of calm that can only come from being in the country away from the bustle of chaotic cities and their tourism. This villa reflects the love and passion of its owners but also has strong reminders of its own past story - an era gone by when a farmer and his family survived there because they worked together to farm their land and pay their landlord. Stone walls and tumbling roses surround the original grape press area that Rob and Pauline have preserved. There are newer additions to the villa, such as the pool and the pergola that is almost swathed in honeysuckle; they blend seamlessly with the old, and are enhanced by the surrounding countryside's peace and quiet.


Just in case you are suspicious about us only showing the first paragraph, the remainder of the review is even better but trumpet blowing should only go so far...

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