C is for Ciauscolo - a typical Marche salami

Rob's favourite salami is the local one called ciauscolo. It looks like a large sausage, has the same consistency and is eaten raw, usually spread on bread. Made with the most tasty parts of the pig (and what are they, one make well ask???!!), it is particularly delicious because of its flavouring and the way it is matured.


After the meat has been hung for two days, it's ground at least twice, blended and flavoured with salt, pepper, garlic and white wine or vino cotto; it is then squeezed into intestines which have been washed with water and then white wine & vinegar. The two ends are tied up with string, then the ciauscuolo is lightly smoked in front of the fire and left to dry in a cool, dry place - usually the cellar or the attic - for a couple of months.

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