Montemonaco, Sibillini Mountains.


Montemonaco is situated at 1,080 metres above sea level in the Sibillini Mountains.

The name of the village derives from settlements of the Benedictine monks, who first came to colonise this mountain area. In the late 13th century a number of vassals from the nearby hamlets established a free Community on the Benedictine site.


It is an authentic medieval village complete with towers and defensive walls and gives the visitor a real feel for what it must have been like all those years ago. I had passed through several times in the bus from Rome but it seemed a rather ordinary village with some ‘60s housing on the outskirts. Then I discovered the historic centre....


There are fantastically located restaurants and the food is at its best in the autumn once the harvest is over and the cold air builds up a great appetite. Hand made cheese, salamis and polentaare popular as are funghi porcini and truffles. Rabbit, lamb and wild boar are also used to make thick sauces. Look out for the ravioli stuffed with chestnuts.

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