Silvano Zanchi, Goldsmith, Fermo.

Coral & gold pendant designed & made by Silvano Zanchi                           B&B La Mela Rosa
Coral & gold pendant designed & made by Silvano Zanchi B&B La Mela Rosa

Recently, I had the opportunity, thanks to Luciana of the CNA, to visit a number of artisans in the Fermo area.  One of the them was Silvano Zanchi, an artisan who makes unique and beautiful jewellery using gold and semi-precious stones such as coral, amethyst, moonstone, jade, turquoise, pearls, crystal.


Signore Zanchi was born at San Sepolcro in Tuscany in 1948.  Much to the surprise and dissatisfaction of his contadino (farmer) father, at 16 he went to the Art Institute of San Sepolcro (l'Istituto d'Arte).  He had no special interest in gold when he began his studies but it was the medium he first used and he loved working with it. It became his passion.


Silvano was not even 18 years old when he won a competition to teach at the Art Institute (Istituto d'Arte) at Fermo.  Despite his youth, he was given the teaching position that he had won as the headmaster was so keen to have him, he took responsibility for him until he turned 18. He taught there for many years, 25 of them as head of the goldsmith department. He now has his workshop and jewellery store in Fermo where he has on display some of the most gorgeous pieces of jewellery I have ever seen.  Each piece is a one-off, either designed by Silavno or made to the specifications of his client.  He has won numerous awards for his jewellery and held exhibitions throughout Italy as well as in Dubai.


If you are visiting historic Fermo, you can see Silvano's work at 37 Via Vittorio Veneto or have a look at  

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