Azienda Biologico Agrituristica La Conca, Smerillo

La Conca's wine pasta shells filled with cottage cheese and chives.
La Conca's wine pasta shells filled with cottage cheese and chives.

That's the very long name of where we went with some friends last Sunday for a fabulous lunch.  I've mentioned Mirela, Gian-Carlo, her goose that thinks it's a dog and her rose petal jam in an previous blog.  They now have a restaurant licence. "Biologico" means the food is organic and they grow a lot if it themselves.  If anyone is interested, Mirela will show them their garden and point out the various herbs, salad greens and flowers, such as borage, that she uses in her cooking.


We ate sitting under the portico, looking at the stupendous view - rolling, velvety-green hills with a backdrop of the snow-capped Sibillini Moutains.  The food, beautifully presented, just kept coming - pecorino cheeses with a selection of jams (rose petal, elderberry, chilli and green walnut), sage & rosemary in crunchy, crispy batter, pasta shells made with wine and filled with cottage cheese and chives, a frittatta made with wild mint, great lasagna (the pasta hand-made), roast lamb which was lovely, a chocolate semifreddo served with balsamic vinegar and a cake.  We could have had bottled wine but the drinkers amongst us chose to have a jug of the house red made by Gian-Carlo and said it was the right decision as the wine was excellent. Oh! I forgot the poppy seed bread rolls straight from the oven - warm and soft and delicious!

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