Amandola has a new shop.

Some of the goods for sale in Amandola's new shop
Some of the goods for sale in Amandola's new shop

The chocolate and coffee bean shop has moved further down Via Cesare Battisti, the main street in Amandola, which is probably just as well because it’s out of temptation’s way. In its place is a new shop opened by Signore Annessi, a man in his eighties, in what was his mother’s Alimentari. ( These were the delicatessens and general food stores before supermarkets came to Italy). Roberto, his son, is a truffle hunter and the shop has been principally set up to sell white and black truffles and porcini when in season. However, they are also selling a 12 year old vino cotto (delicious!), wine, dried porcini, pasta, bottled fruit, a selection of truffle products such as sauces for pasta. No truffle oil as it isn’t possible to make despite what you may just have bought from your local deli…


Signore Anessi had kept a lot of his mother’s equipment and has put on display her old slicer, some scales and an old coffee grinder amongst other things.

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