Something new & different at Smerillo, Le Marche

Smerillo - this house always has lots of flowers outside.
Smerillo - this house always has lots of flowers outside.

On 12, 13 & 14 July, 2013, there will be four Tibetan monks visiting Smerillo from Rome.  The monks, of course, are in exile from Tibet.


At 6pm on Friday at the Church of Saint Catherine, the monks will start making a sand mandala, a spiritual symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism which represents the Universe. At 8pm, there will be a traditional Tibetan meal eaten together under the stars in the small piazza behind the church.


On Saturday and Sunday, there will be instructions from the monks on meditation, music, a walk with Forestcamp's donkeys and a picnic lunch - a different way to spend the weekend.


To book the dinner call Marco on 347-6820066.  Cost: €15 per head. Proceeds to TSOPEMA (non-profit organisation)

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