New things happening at Tomeo!

Miss Hepburn's cape......well, it could be!
Miss Hepburn's cape......well, it could be!

Tiziana and Elisabetta of Tomeo Design in Santa Vittorio in Matenano are currently creating some elegant and unique wedding dresses.  They have been invited to participate in a fashion parade for emerging designers to be held in the Basilicata Region on 28 July and 3 August, 2013. 


As well as preparing for the parade, they have also produced some fabulous '50's style outfits, including a fabulous black and grey strapless dress, and some short capes - 

very "Audrey Hepburn"!


Of course, Tomeo are still creating their unique bags and now a range of bracelets.


For more information email Pauline; 

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